Place Matrix Privacy Policy

Your privacy is our top concern.

This website, by way of Google Login, collects some personal information including name, email address, locale setting, and Google User ID. This information is used exclusively to provide services (namely the Place Matrix website) to visitors and ensure pixel placements are valid, for auditing, and fraud prevention.

Any information collected will be used exclusively for the purpose of running this website and not shared with any 3rd party in any case except that in which witholding said data would be illegal.

While this site does not explicitly use cookies, it embeds content from Google and YouTube which may. Please refer to their individual privacy policies and agreements for more information.

This website is implemented to the best of our knowledge with security best practices that keep your data safe.

No passwords or any other personal information is collected or stored beyond what is provided by the Google Auth API.

If you have any suggestions for improving this policy or have any questions, please contact Joey Hagedorn via